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The Online MCLE Course, Inc. is a California State Bar Association approved provider of mandatory continuing legal education that was designed as a quick and easy way to fulfill MCLE credits. The courses are written in simple English, understandable no matter what type of law you practice. Once you register, the reading material is immediately visible online. There are no videos to download, no materials to wait for, and no need to leave your own computer. You may read at your own leisure, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Upon completion of a course, an original completion certificate will be mailed to you within three-four days and you may also print out a course completion verification from your own computer. The original certificate may be turned in to the State Bar for MCLE credit. You may order a certificate copy for your records at the time of enrollment. Following each course will be a short quiz, testing you on the material you have just read.

Are the courses State of California approved? 
Yes, by the Sate of California Bar Association. Go to to see the list of approved providers.

Is the certificate of completion sent to the state or to me?
 The certificate is sent to you. If the State Bar audits you, the certificate of completion and compliance will have to be presented.

What is the difference between "self-study" and "participatory" courses? 
Participatory courses require some interaction between the student and the program. Our courses ask simple questions to satisfy this requirement. Self-study courses do not require this interaction and lawyers can self-certify that they have completed these lessons.

Can I take the same courses twice if they are for different compliance periods?


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