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There are eleven separate activities available on The Online MCLE Course.

Title Credit Hours Subject Area Type
Rights on the Road Recognizing and Defending DUI Cases (Meets Substance Abuse Requirement).1.0Substance AbuseSelf Study
Office Management For The Effective Debt Collection Practice. 1.0GeneralParticipatory
Bias in the Courtroom: Woman as Criminal Defendants with an Emphasis on the use of1.0Elimination of BiasParticipatory
Constitutional Law: 1st Amendment Right To Freedom Of Speech And Assembly; Restraints On Expression.1.5GeneralParticipatory
The Right To Free Movement: Stopping And Search Of Vehicles (Civil Rights Violations).2.0Civil Rights ViolationsSelf Study
A Brief Overview Of The Nature Of A Debt Collection Practice In California Including An Analysis Of Collection Charges.2.0GeneralParticipatory
The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; Including A Comparison Of The Federal Act To The California Robbins-Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.3.0GeneralParticipatory
Ethics: An Overview Of Ethical Considerations For Attorney Advertising And Solicitation With An Emphasis On Internet Advertising Rules4.0Legal EthicsParticipatory
Airbag/Supplemental Restraint Systems Litigation.4.5GeneralSelf Study
Rights On The Road: An Examination of The Legal, Political and Safety Issues Involved in Airbag/Supplemental Restraint Systems Litigation,with an Emphasis on the General Law Pertaining to Automobile Product Liability Cases in the State of California.5.0GeneralParticipatory

These activities may be taken separately or together. There are different fees for each activity however there is a discount if all activities are taken together.


EZMCLE offers you eleven separate activities to choose from. Enroll in any one of the courses alone and you will pay only $6 per credit hour.
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